Shaneen Clarke is an author, motivational speaker and life coach who embraces this unyielding belief; we all carry within us extraordinary value and purpose.

For over 30 years, Shaneen has been dedicated to the equipping of men and women around the world to live whole heartedly in the truth of who they are born to be. Her mission is to help each person to live out their best life, and support those who suffer from a fear of failure in finding freedom, embracing a purpose driven tomorrow.

This is best seen in TBN’s Fit for Purpose leadership series, in which Shaneen and her guests explore effective leadership practices as well as difficult topics. In this episode from the series, guests Carrie Grant, Malcolm Gray and David Bennett explore how to resolve conflict.

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Shaneen's Christmas show on TBN

Over the years, Shaneen has been seen across faith networks as her seminars and coaching insights have impacted viewers in multiple countries around the world. Her notable appearances have included Premier Christian Radio, TBN, God TV and CBN’s 700 club and Daystar with Joni Lamb.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Shaneen hosted an annual invitation-only afternoon tea gathering for women in business at The Ritz (London), with guest speakers that included Cheri Blair, Jonathan Akin and Baroness Cox.

Finally, Shaneen provides encouragement in these bite-sized thoughts filled with wisdom to support your faith journey in whatever season of life you currently find yourself. In God Today (first broadcast on GOD TV) Shaneen explores how to find rest in work, the power of silence, laying hold of peace amidst panic, and much more.