The Lord of the Silence book by author Shaneen Clarke

The Lord of the Silence

Experiencing intimacy with God in this fast paced world

Is it possible to find silence in today's busy world? When there's always a distraction calling you? Can we find time for Bible Meditations when we are all busier than ever?

The answer is yes and Shaneen Clarke has proved it for herself. In the depths of loss, humiliation and overwhelming challenge, she discovered the power of being still. Here she found a power beyond herself.

The call to silence can happen at any time, anywhere and through any avenue. It ignites a longing for rest, peace and stillness and lights the pathway that leads away from the noise of the world to the sanctuary of silence you seek. As you linger there, the hushed whisper of the Lord of the Silence will call you to a place of indescribable stillness ... more magnificent than you dreamed possible.

You will discover:

  • Practical techniques to quiet your mind
  • How to listen without expectation
  • The surprising impact of harnessing gratitude
  • How to embrace discomfort
  • Encourage personal growth and self-discovery
  • The peace and rest you've been searching for
  • The joy of enlightenment and encountering a divine connection
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The Lord of the Silence

Italian Edition

È possibile trovare silenzio nel mondo frenetico di oggi, con il susseguirsi di una distrazione dopo l'altra?
Riusciamo a trovare il tempo per meditare le Scritture, se siamo più impegnati che mai?
La risposta è sì, e Shaneen Clarke lo ha dimostrato a se stessa.

Nelle profondità della privazione, dell'umiliazione e di prove travolgenti, l'autrice ha scoperto il potere dell'immobilità. Qui ha trovato un potere che va oltre se stessa.

La chiamata al silenzio può avvenire in qualsiasi momento, in qualsiasi luogo e attraverso qualsiasi via. Accende il desiderio di riposo, pace e quiete e illumina il sentiero che conduce dal rumore del mondo al santuario del silenzio che tu stai cercando.
Mentre ti ci soffermi, il sussurro sommesso del Signore del silenzio vi chiamerà in un luogo di quiete indescrivibile... magnifico ben oltre quanto tu abbia mai sognato.

Ne Il Signore del silenzio, scoprirai:

  • Tecniche pratiche per acquietare la mente
  • Come ascoltare senza aspettative
  • L'impatto sorprendente della gratitudine
  • Come accogliere il disagio
  • Chiavi per la crescita personale e la scoperta di sé
  • La pace e il riposo che stavi cercando
  • La gioia dell'illuminazione e dell'incontro con una connessione divina.

    Non c'è momento migliore di questo per iniziare il tuo viaggio con il Signore del silenzio. Egli ti sta aspettando.

In ‘The Lord of the Silence’, Shaneen Clarke captions the very essence of stillness in our lives and the need to pursue it in our fellowship with our Creator. A fine work from a lady whose Ministry reaches many across the world.
Pat Robertson, Chairman of CBN, Chief Executive of Regents University

The combination of silence and stillness character used the behaviour of many great philosophers, innovators and artists. The global challenges ahead mean that many of our attitudes towards silence must fundamentally change. Stillness and silence can help us to become more attuned with the Lord of the Silence.
Sue Humphries OBE

My friend, Shaneen Clarke, has written ‘The Lord of Silence’ to remind you that the Holy Spirit often works in quietness. In this world of hustle, bustle and even religious noise, Shaneen encourages us to take time to listen, to “be still and know that I am God.”
Dr. George O. Wood, Chairman of World AG Fellowship, The General Council of the Assemblies of God

Reader Recommendations

This book is a great introduction from the author's own testimony of God's invitation to find Him in the silence. Too often we find ourselves run ragged, when the shepherd of our souls is leading us beside quiet waters of restoration. May you find permission in the pages of this book to pause and 'just be' with him.
Paul, Bristol UK

This book is of great value. It is insightful and it’s an interesting read . It is on a very relevant topic. Most of us struggle to listen, especially to God. Well done Shaneen! You write from the heart and from experience.
Rita, London UK

There’s nothing more striking to your soul than silence during desperate times. Shaneen Clarke takes you on a journey to understand that silence is a guidepost to answers and new opportunities ahead.
Dean W. Crowder, New York USA

I just finished your book. Thank you Shaneen for reminding me to seek the Lord of the silence in silence. I love the way you categorised the different calls to silence and the importance of taping in at all times for the God of silence to intervene. I finished your book with anticipation and a clear direction to what is so simple yet often forgotten but most needed.
Nicole, London UK