Meet Shaneen

Is your daily life a struggle compiled with negative circumstances and personal failures?

Are you settling for second best, afraid you’re missing out on your full potential?

This is the time to take firm, formative steps forward... I dare you to be great!

I gave my first publish speech at 16 years old. My talk was titled, Dare to be Great, which later became the title of my first book.

I dared to overcome cultural limitations. Engaged by the age of 14, I felt like I was trapped. My destiny was pre-decided by others.

I was married by 17… and divorced by 27. Knowing deep down there was more to my life than what those around me had decided for me, I chose to pursue a bigger purpose believing, it’s OK to “dream big”!

Frankly, I was dissatisfied and disappointed – a 28 year old women who was running away from my past and hiding from a teenage dream. I gravitated towards “high-society” living – fashion, art, travel, and the best restaurants were my habits.

Still, I was unsatisfied believing there was more!

At last, I began sharing my story – a deep desire to find my purpose and passion, even though my life may have looked perfect from the outside or that I had everything going for me… Not was all as it seemed!

So, I dared to step out. Among other things, I hosted tea at The Ritz for women in business and invited inspiring guest speakers. My aim? To help women live their lives driven by purpose.

Then, unexpectedly, I lost everything.

Now happily married, I had become a public speaker, travelling regularly across 22 nations, and hosted a regular series for a major television platform in the UK. I had wanted to use my life to passionately serve others, instead my world fell apart. I lost my income, my home and the faith community I had been devoted to, rejected me.

Thankfully, the story doesn’t end here! Instead, I can speak to restoration and renewed dreams, as I continue to support men and women reach their full potential.

If I can dare to be great every day, despite failures and setbacks, you can too!

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Excellence is not being perfect, it is embracing who God made you to be!

Life should not be defined by striving, but by the freedom of knowledge.

What you confront will die. What you tolerate will dominate.

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