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People all over the world have a simple but profound goal: to live a life of purpose. But finding that purpose – understanding how to ignite one’s imagination, encouraging oneself to dream big, exploring new ways to make a difference – can be a real challenge.

It’s so easy to get sidetracked and lose focus, wasting valuable time, energy and resources. But the struggle to create meaning in what might feel like a meaningless existence can also make it easy to lose the joy of everyday life.

I am an international speaker, best-selling author and television show host who understands the battle to find purpose and is dedicated to helping others reach their true potential using Biblical principles. From my books – Dare to Be Great and Lord of the Silence – to my personal coaching and global speaking assignments, I have spent years helping others go deep within to find and release their core passion.

But here’s what is so powerful about me – I do it all with a profound sense of fun! This girl will make you laugh.

As a British Indian whose journey in life has taken me from tradition to self-discovery and divine purpose, I will help you understand that a purposeful life does not need to be defined by striving but by the freedom that comes from knowing who you belong to and how that truth can empower you to live your life to the fullest.

Get ready to identify your passion and release your gifts to fulfil your God-given purpose!

Shaneen Clarke

Our church invited Shaneen to share (at) our women’s gathering… I am consistently amazed by how Shaneen can impart a spirit of joy that is both refreshing and empowering!

Valerie D. McIntyre, C3 Church Global

Shaneen has the rare quality of combining dynamism and thoughtful insight. She had the gift of speaking with a sensitivity to the Spirit.

Mark Ryan, Senior Pastor at Kensington Temple, London

Shaneen is an amazing woman. I have seen her be empowered by Spirit for the past two decades. Her passion is contagious and inspires young and old.

Marie Solange Ladenius, Artist, Switzerland

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